Ready… Set… for Cooperative Care!

Expand your knowledge. Refine your skills. Deepen your understanding.  Join Laura Monaco Torelli and Eva Bertilsson in a clinic-style summer camp where you will be immersed in best-practice positive reinforcement training for cooperative care!

Dogs will be our focus animals, but the concepts are universal and we will work with other species as well!


The set up

  • Clinic style: work with one participating team at a time, with Laura & Eva coaching or sometimes working directly with the animal learner while the whole group observes and takes part in discussions.
  • Focus on practical work, advancing each team toward their goals while simultaneously teaching vital concepts to the entire group. Theory and discussions will be integrated in the practical cases.
  • We will have 6-8 working teams, with each team working 1-4 days. Laura and Eva will select participating animal/handler teams that complement a good mix of diversity for the whole group to learn from. If you are interested in participating with a dog (or a learner of a different species), please note this in your registration.

The learning objectives

  • The importance of foundation skills: TACOS
  • Data collection and record keeping: what’s the plan?
  • The importance of a functional assessment
  • How to use creative reinforcement strategies
  • Considerations and expectations when changing criterion
  • Introduction of husbandry props
  • TAGteach: set the human learner up for success
  • Collaboration and how to build a community of like-minded caregivers
  • And more!


For whom?

The Cooperative Care Summer Camp is for everyone interested in taking animal health care and husbandry training to the next level.

  • Animal care professionals and pet owners seeking to give the best care possible
  • Trainers looking to expand their skills (and potentially their business)
  • Educators striving to push the limits in their teaching
  • Veterinary professionals, groomers and other service providers looking to meet the demands of the future



June 24-28, 2018

  • Monday June 25 14.00 – 18.00
  • Tuesday June 26 10.00 – 18.00
  • Wednesday June 27 10.00 – 18.00
  • Thursday June 28 10.00 – 14.00

Plus evening opportunities to continue discussions and networking – it’s Swedish summer so the sun barely sets all night 🙂


At Aktiv Hund, Vite Kvarn in Velanda, Trollhättan (40 minutes north of Gothenburg). Read more about the practicalities here!


Registration fee:

Regular registration 4850 SEK